This business offers tutoring and small group classes for Spanish, ESL (ELL),  English, other foreign languages, such as French & Italian, other subjects such as Reading, Writing, Social Studies & Math.  Students range from the ages of 3 to adult.   Classes & tutoring are taught at our facility or your home. 







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Teacher Support Services

Mentoring, Clerical Assistance, Classroom Emergency Lesson Plans and Lesson Plan Development


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Pre-K to 2nd Grade

$40.00 / hr.

Grade 3 to 8

$50.00 / hr.

Grade 9 to Adult

$60.00 / hr.

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The following workshops and classes are available: 


1.       Un Viaje - Spanish Enrichment workshops for middle school and high school students who will scrapbook a trip to a Spanish-speaking country and improve their skills in language and culture.

2.       Travel Spanish  - An adult class where  you can learn Spanish culture and language to assist you in your trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

3.       Real Estate Spanish - Learn the essential terms and phrases that will help you to communicate with a Spanish-speaking client who is looking to buy, rent, or sell a residence.

4.       ESL (ELL) – Beginner, intermediate, or advanced level classes for English language learners of all ages.

5.       Business Spanish – Beginner, intermediate, or advanced level classes in Spanish that are tailored to your business.

6.       Everyday Conversational Spanish  – An adult class for the basics of speaking, reading, and writing Spanish for your everyday use.

7.       Kids Summer Fun – Let your children enjoy learning Spanish through music and crafts.

8.       Family Spanish - Get the whole family involved in learning Spanish at the basic, intermediate or advanced level.  Classes are tailored to the needs of the participants.